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Everything Nissan, your source for OEM Nissan D21 Parts at wholesale prices.

At Everything, we sell OEM Nissan D21 Parts and ONLY Factory Nissan D21 Parts. The Nissan D21 Parts you see within Everything are all guaranteed to be 100% original Nissan-made auto parts. When you buy from Everything Nissan you are receiving the same exact Nissan D21 Parts you would purchase from your local Nissan dealership. All of our Nissan parts come with a 12 month warranty AND satisfaction guaranteed!
The D21 generation was the successor to the Datsun "720". The company used the name "Datsun" from 1980-1981 then renamed itself "Nissan" beginning with the 1982 model year line of trucks and cars alike. Nonetheless, the Nissan pickups continued to be marketed in the Japanese home market as the "Nissan Datsun". The D21 series were unofficially called Nissan Hardbody in the United States.

The truck's name, "Hardbody", refers to its double-wall bed and overall styling. The Hardbody was produced for the U.S. Market from 1986.5 until 1997, and were direct competition to the Toyota compact pickup. The move from the 720 to the D21 Nissan series body style changed mid-year 1986.5 so the new 'D21' 1986.5 and later Hardbody can easily be distinguished from the earlier 720 body style by its two large headlights rather than four smaller lights and a less boxy, more aggressive appearance. The Nissan Pathfinder was derived from the Hardbody Truck and started in the same model year with chassis code WD21.