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2010 Murano - SL | Rear Body & Floor > Interior Trim

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Rear Trim PanelBeige84992-1SV0A
1Rear Trim PanelBlack84992-1AA0B
2Left Scuff PlateFits All Options84827-1AA0A
2Right Scuff PlateFits All Options84826-1AA0A
3Striker CoverBeige849B8-1AA0A
3Striker CoverBlack849B8-1AA0B
4Left Storage CompartFits All Options84979-1SV0A
4Right Storage CompartFits All Options84978-1SV0A
5Left Storage CoverBeige84907-1AA0A
5Left Storage CoverBlack84907-1AA0B
5Right Storage CoverBlack84906-1AA0B
5Right Storage CoverBeige84906-1AA0A
6Left Storage Cover HookBeige84937-1AA0A
6Left Storage Cover HookBlack84937-EN721
6Right Storage Cover HookBlack84937-EN721
6Right Storage Cover HookBeige84937-1AA0A
7Floor CoverFits All Options84980-1AA0A
9Trim PanelFits All Options84996-3YR0A
10Trim Panel ClipFits All Options01553-00041
11Lower TrimBeige84908-1AA0A
11Lower TrimBlack84908-1AA0B
12Lower Trim HookBlack74932-CQ102
12Lower Trim HookBeige74932-EN010
13Left BracketLuggage Floor84965-1AA0A
13Right BracketLuggage Floor84965-1AA0A
14Finish PanelW/O Cargo Divider, Beige84905-1AF0A
14Finish PanelW/O Cargo Divider, Black84905-1AF0B
18Tonneau CoverBlack84982-1AA4B
18Tonneau CoverBeige84982-1AA4A
19JackFits All Options99550-1AA0A
20WrenchFits All Options99545-0U000
21HandleFits All Options99552-0U000