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2010 Pathfinder - LE (4.0L) | Axle & Differential

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left Axle4.0L39600-EA000
1Right Axle4.0L39600-EA000
2Left Outer BootFits All Options39241-EA125
2Right Outer BootFits All Options39241-EA125
3Left Inner BootFits All Options39741-EA125
3Right Inner BootFits All Options39741-EA125
4Differential4.0L, 2WD38301-0C275
4Differential4.0L, 4WD38301-0C375
5BearingFront, 4.0L38140-0C00A
6BearingRear, 4.0L38120-0C000
7Left BearingSide, 4.0L38440-0C000
7Right BearingSide, 4.0L38440-0C000
8Companion Flange4.0L38210-EC010
9Gear4.0L, 4WD38100-0F36A
9Gear4.0L, 2WD38100-0B26A
11Rear Cover4.0L38351-0C075
12Left Flange4.0L38220-EA00A
12Right Flange4.0L38220-EA00A