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2010 Pathfinder - LE (5.6L) | Brake Parts (2WD)

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left Rotor2WD, All40206-9BE0C
1Right Rotor2WD, All40206-9BE0C
5Left Wheel Stud2WD40222-0B005
5Right Wheel Stud2WD40222-0B005
6Left Splash Shield2WD41150-EA000
6Right Splash Shield2WD41150-EA000
7Left Splash Shield Bolt2WD081B4-2355M
7Right Splash Shield Bolt2WD081B4-2355M
11Left Brake Hose2WD46211-EA00A
11Right Brake Hose2WD46210-EA00A
12Left ABS Sensor Wire2WD47910-EA025
12Right ABS Sensor Wire2WD47910-EA025