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2010 Pathfinder - LE (4.0L) | Front Bumper > Bumper Parts

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Bumper CoverW/Le62022-ZS01E
2Bumper Cover RivetFits All Options01515-0009U
3Bumper Cover ClipFits All Options01553-05933
4Bumper Cover ScrewFits All Options01456-00691
5Right SpoilerOuter96012-EA500
6Left SpoilerOuter96013-EA500
10Left Fog Lamp BezelFits All Options62257-EA500
10Right Fog Lamp BezelFits All Options62256-EA500
11Left Fog Lamp Bezel Clip#162228-5Z000
11Left Fog Lamp Bezel Clip#201553-0038U
11Right Fog Lamp Bezel Clip#162228-5Z000
11Right Fog Lamp Bezel Clip#201553-0038U
12Right Upper RetainerFits All Options62222-EA500
13Left Upper RetainerFits All Options62223-EA500
14Right Reinforcement BracketFits All Options62222-ZS01A
15Left Reinforcement BracketFits All Options62223-ZS01A
16Upper SupportFits All Options62290-ZS20A
17License BracketFits All Options96210-ZS00A
19License Bracket ScrewFits All Options08340-5252A
20Bumper GuardLe62064-ZS00A