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2010 Pathfinder - LE (4.0L) | Dash Panel > Cluster & Switches

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1ClusterLe, Se, Sv, Silver Edition W/2WD, 4.0L24810-ZL93D
2CoverFits All Options24813-EA405
3Reset KnobFits All Options24829-9CA0A
6AC Temp SensorFits All Options27720-9CH0A
8Temp ControlAll27510-9CA0A
11Mirror SwitchW/Le, All25570-CL01A
12Adjust SwitchPedal25194-7S200
13Hazard SwitchW/6-Cd Changer25290-9BH0A
13Hazard SwitchW/O 6-Cd Changer25290-EA000
14Left Seat Heat SwitchFits All Options25500-9BH0A
14Right Seat Heat SwitchFits All Options25500-9BH0B
15Switch4WD, 4 Position25536-9BH0A
15Switch4WD, 3 Position25536-9BH0B
16SwitchVehicle Dynamic Control, All25145-WL000
17RingCigarette Lighter25339-ZV60A
18Ring ProtectorFits All Options25336-9B92A
19ControllerKeyless Entry, W/O Intell. Key Sys28595-9CH0A
19ControllerKeyless Entry, W/Intell. Key Sys28595-9CH0B
20Display UnitW/O Navigation28091-1BU0A
21Display SwitchW/O Navigation, W/O Satellite Radio28395-9GA0A
21Display SwitchW/O Navigation, W/Satellite Radio28395-9GA1A
22Right Radio SwitchW/O Navigation28395-9GA0C
23Left Radio SwitchW/O Navigation28395-9GA0B