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2010 Pathfinder - LE (5.6L) | Console

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
2Rear PanelW/O Dvd96926-EA100
2Rear PanelW/Dvd96926-EA200
3Rear Panel TrimW/Dvd, Cafe Latte96930-ZS10A
3Rear Panel TrimW/O Dvd, Graphite96930-ZP16C
3Rear Panel TrimW/O Dvd, Cafe Latte96930-ZS15A
3Rear Panel TrimW/Dvd, Graphite96930-ZS10C
4Rear Panel Trim ConnectorFits All Options96907-EA300
5Cup HolderFront, W/Dvd96966-ZS10A
5Cup HolderFront, W/O Dvd96966-EA100
6Cup HolderRear, W/Dvd96966-ZS10A
6Cup HolderRear, Cafe Latte96965-ZS00A
6Cup HolderRear, W/O Dvd W/O Leather96965-ZP00C
7Cup Holder InsertFits All Options96975-EA000
8Coin HolderFits All Options68274-EA000
9VentCafe Latte68752-ZS10A
10LidW/Leather, Graphite / Russet96920-EA112
10LidW/O Leather, Cafe Latte96920-ZS10A
10LidW/Leather, Cafe Latte96920-ZS11A
10LidW/O Leather, Graphite96920-EA102
11Lid HingeFits All Options96916-EA000
12Lid BumperFits All Options68199-EA300
13Console BaseGraphite / Russet96915-9CH2C
13Console BaseCafe Latte96915-9CH1A
14Console Base BracketRear Panel96991-9BH0A
15Finish PanelW/O Leather, Graphite96931-9CH1A
15Finish PanelW/Leather, Graphite / Russet96931-9CH2C
15Finish PanelW/Leather, Cafe Latte96931-9CH2A
16Shift IndicatorLeather96940-ZS10A
16Shift IndicatorWoodgrain96940-ZS20A
16Shift IndicatorCloth96940-EA100
17Shift Indicator BezelFits All Options96939-EA100
18Shift Indicator BoxWoodgrain96933-ZS21A
18Shift Indicator BoxCloth96933-EA100
18Shift Indicator BoxLeather96933-ZS11A
19Shift Indicator LatchFits All Options96917-EA100
21TrayFits All Options96925-EA100
22Switch BezelW/O Bose Audio96918-EA100
22Switch BezelW/Bose Audio96918-ZS10A
23Switch Bezel Mask#168492-9BH0A
24Switch Bezel Mask#2, 2WD Only68493-9BH0A