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2010 Pathfinder - S | Engine Parts

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Crankshaft Pulley4.0 Liter12303-EA21B
2Crankshaft Pulley Bolt4.0 Liter12309-31U0B
3Outer Timing Cover4.0 Liter13501-EA200
4Inner Timing Cover4.0 Liter13500-EA23A
5Right Access Cover4.0 Liter, Chain13570-ZA000
6Left Access Cover4.0 Liter, Chain13570-ZA010
7Access Cover4.0 Liter, Timing Control13041-8J10A
8Crankshaft Seal4.0 Liter13510-7Y000
9Timing Chain4.0 Liter, Front13028-ZS00A
10Timing Chain4.0 Liter, Rear13028-ZK01C
11Camshaft Gear4.0 Liter, Outer13025-EA22A
12Camshaft Gear4.0 Liter, Inner13024-7Y000
13Crankshaft Gear4.0 Liter13021-7Y000
14Upper Oil Pan4.0 Liter11110-EA20A
15Lower Oil Pan4.0 Liter11110-ZS00A
16Drain Plug4.0 Liter11128-01M0B
17Drain Plug Washer4.0 Liter11026-JA00A
18Oil Filter4.0 Liter15208-9E01A
19Oil Pump4.0 Liter15010-EA20A
20Strainer4.0 Liter15050-EA200
21Dipstick4.0 Liter11140-EA20B
22Dipstick Guide4.0 Liter11150-EA20B
23Left Valve Cover4.0 Liter13264-EA210
23Right Valve Cover4.0 Liter13264-EA200
24Left Valve Cover Gasket4.0 Liter13270-EA21C
24Right Valve Cover Gasket4.0 Liter13270-EA20C
25Left Valve Cover Bolt4.0 Liter13224-ZQ01A
25Right Valve Cover Bolt4.0 Liter13224-ZQ01A
26Filler Cap4.0 Liter15255-9N00A