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2010 Pathfinder - LE (5.6L) | Steering Gear & Linkage > Pump & Hoses

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1P/S Pump5.6 Liter49110-ZV00A
2P/S Pump Bracket5.6 Liter49125-7S000
3Pump Pulley5.6 Liter49132-7S001
4Connector Tube5.6 Liter49161-7S000
5Pump Mounting5.6 Liter11710-7S01A
6Pump Mounting Mount Bolt5.6 Liter081B7-0021A
7Pump Mounting Nut5.6 Liter23188-16V0A
8Idler Pulley5.6 Liter11925-7S00B
9Pulley5.6 Liter11927-7S000
10Pulley Bolt5.6 Liter11928-7S00A
11Pulley Outer Cover5.6 Liter11929-7S00A
12Pulley Inner Cover5.6 Liter11930-BB00A
13Pulley Collar5.6 Liter11932-7S00A
14Reservoir Tank5.6 Liter49180-ZS00A
15Reservoir Tank Mount Bracket5.6 Liter49191-ZS00A
16Cap5.6 Liter49181-8B400
17Suction Hose5.6 Liter49717-7S000
19Pressure Hose Bracket5.6 Liter49730-7S001
20Pressure Sensor5.6 Liter49763-6N20A
21P/S Cooler5.6 Liter49790-ZL20A
22P/S Cooler Bracket5.6 Liter, #149732-CL70A
24P/S Cooler Bracket5.6 Liter, #349730-7S000