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2010 Pathfinder - LE (5.6L) | Suspension Parts (2WD)

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left Knuckle2WD40015-EA000
1Right Knuckle2WD40014-EA000
2Left Knuckle Mount Bolt2WD081B4-2355M
2Right Knuckle Mount Bolt2WD081B4-2355M
3Left Knuckle Bolt2WD40178-7S01A
3Right Knuckle Bolt2WD40178-7S01A
4Left Knuckle Nut2WD01223-N004U
4Right Knuckle Nut2WD01223-N004U
5Left Upper Control Arm2WD54525-EA00A
5Right Upper Control Arm2WD54524-EA00A
6Left Upper Control Arm Bolt2WD080B4-4801A
6Right Upper Control Arm Bolt2WD080B4-4801A
7Left Upper Control Arm Nut2WD08918-6441A
7Right Upper Control Arm Nut2WD08918-6441A
9Left Lower Control Arm2WD54501-9CD0A
9Right Lower Control Arm2WD54500-9CD0A
10Left Lower Control Arm Pin2WD54580-7S000
10Right Lower Control Arm Pin2WD54580-7S000
11Left Lower Control Arm Washer2WD54559-1Z600
11Right Lower Control Arm Washer2WD54559-1Z600
12Left Lower Control Arm Nut2WD08918-6441A
12Right Lower Control Arm Nut2WD08918-6441A
15Left Bumper2WD54050-EA001
15Right Bumper2WD54050-EA001
16Left Bumper Nut2WD08918-6081A
16Right Bumper Nut2WD08918-6081A