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2010 Rogue - Krom | Front Bumper & Grille > Bumper Parts

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Bumper CoverW/Krom ModelF2023-1A41H
2Bumper Cover ClipW/Krom Model01553-2DR9A
3Bumper Cover SpacerW/Krom ModelF2094-1A41A
4Left Retainer NutW/Krom Model62225-JG000
4Right Retainer NutW/Krom Model62224-JG000
5Left Retainer Nut ScrewW/Krom Model08566-6255A
5Right Retainer Nut ScrewW/Krom Model08566-6255A
7Cable GuideW/Krom ModelF5627-1A41A
8Left Side BracketW/Krom Model62223-JM00A
8Right Side BracketW/Krom Model62222-JM00A
9Left Side Bracket ScrewW/Krom Model01466-00022
9Right Side Bracket ScrewW/Krom Model01466-00022
10Upper GrilleW/Krom ModelF2310-1A41A
11Upper Grille NutW/Krom Model68898-W1000
12EmblemW/Krom Model62890-5U600
13Center GrilleW/Krom ModelF2254-1A41A
14Lower GrilleW/Krom ModelF2255-1A41A
15Left Fog Lamp BezelW/Krom ModelB6915-1A41A
15Right Fog Lamp BezelW/Krom ModelB6910-1A41A
16Left Fog Lamp Bezel ScrewW/Krom Model08566-6122A
16Right Fog Lamp Bezel ScrewW/Krom Model08566-6122A
17Left Fog Lamp Bezel U-NutW/Krom Model08967-1065A
17Right Fog Lamp Bezel U-NutW/Krom Model08967-1065A
18License BracketW/Krom ModelK6210-1A41A
19License Bracket BoltW/Krom Model08340-5252A
20License Bracket GrommetW/Krom Model62284-81F00
21License Bracket Retainer NutW/Krom Model01241-01051
22Lower ShieldW/Krom ModelF22A0-1A41H
23Closure PanelW/Krom ModelF2210-1A41A
24Closure Panel ScrewW/Krom Model01454-N5061
25Closure Panel ClipW/Krom Model, #276882-0M000
25Closure Panel ClipW/Krom Model, #101553-09241
26Tow HookW/Krom Model51112-1JA0A