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Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
2Left Door Shell GrommetFits All Options80874-AX000
2Right Door Shell GrommetFits All Options80874-AX000
3Left Door Shell BumperUpper80872-1HD0A
3Right Door Shell BumperUpper80872-1HD0A
4Left Door Shell BumperLower80872-JM00A
4Right Door Shell BumperLower80872-JM00A
5Left Outer PanelFits All OptionsH0153-JM0MA
5Right Outer PanelFits All OptionsH0152-JM0MA
6Left Surround WeatherstripFits All Options80831-CZ30A
6Right Surround WeatherstripFits All Options80830-CZ30A
7Left Surround Weatherstrip Clip#180851-JM02A
7Right Surround Weatherstrip Clip#180850-JM02A
8Left Surround Weatherstrip Clip#280850-79916
8Right Surround Weatherstrip Clip#280850-79916
9Left Surround Weatherstrip Clip#380850-JM00B
9Right Surround Weatherstrip Clip#380850-JM00E
10Left Surround Weatherstrip Clip#480850-CA003
10Right Surround Weatherstrip Clip#480850-CA003
11Left Lower WeatherstripFits All Options80877-JM70B
11Right Lower WeatherstripFits All Options80876-JM70B
13Left ModuleFits All Options80775-JM00A
13Right ModuleFits All Options80774-JM00A
14Left Module BoltFits All Options01121-N6041
14Right Module BoltFits All Options01121-N6041