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2010 Rogue - SL | Drive Axles

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left AxleAWD39101-JG04C
1Left Axle2WD39101-JG02C
1Right AxleAWD39100-JM10A
1Right Axle2WD39100-JG02C
2Left Outer JointFits All Options39211-JA00A
2Right Outer JointFits All Options39211-JA00A
3Left Outer BootFits All OptionsC9B4A-JA00K
3Right Outer BootFits All OptionsC9B4A-JA00K
4Left Inner JointAWD39711-JG34C
4Left Inner Joint2WD39711-JG32C
4Right Inner Joint2WD39771-1VX0A
4Right Inner JointAWD39771-JG04C
5Left Inner BootFits All OptionsC97DA-JA00K
5Right Inner BootFits All OptionsC97DA-JA00K
6Left Dynamic DamperAWD39268-5U027
6Left Dynamic Damper2WD39268-AD326
6Right Dynamic DamperAWD39268-8H325
6Right Dynamic Damper2WD39268-8H325
7Bearing Support2WD39780-JG32C
7Bearing SupportAWD39780-JG34C
8Bearing RetainerFits All Options39776-JD000