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Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1AC & HeaterFits All Options27210-JM000
2Blower CaseFits All Options27235-JM00A
3Air Inlet DuctFits All Options27236-JM00A
4Inlet CaseFits All Options27237-JM00A
5Inlet DuctFits All Options27887-JM00A
6Heater CaseFits All Options27110-JM00A
7CaseFits All Options27120-JM00A
8AdapterFits All Options27865-JM00A
9Heater CoreFits All Options27140-JG42A
10Heater Core Front SupportFits All Options27148-JG42A
12Heater Core ProtectorFits All Options27174-JM00A
13Evaporator CoreFits All Options27280-JM00B
14Evaporator Core GrommetFits All Options27289-JG70A
15Blower MotorFits All Options27225-ET10A
16ModuleFits All Options27761-4BA0A
17ShaftFits All Options27276-EN000
18ActuatorAir Mix27732-8H300
20ActuatorAir Intake27730-EN000
21DoorFront Heater27180-JD11A
22Left DoorAir Intake27886-JG00B
22Right DoorAir Intake27245-JG00A
26Thermo SensorFits All Options27723-JM00A
27Thermo Sensor BracketFits All Options27293-JM00A
28Drain HoseFits All Options92590-JG40B