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2010 Rogue - S | Fuel System Parts

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Fuel TankAWD17202-JM10D
1Fuel Tank2WD, From 9/0717202-JM00D
2Fuel Tank ProtectorFits All Options24271-JM00A
3Left Tank Strap2WD17407-JM000
3Left Tank StrapAWD17407-JG00A
3Right Tank Strap2WD17406-JM000
3Right Tank StrapAWD17406-JG000
4Left Tank Strap Bolt2WD01121-N0041
4Left Tank Strap BoltAWD01121-N0031
4Right Tank Strap BoltAWD01121-N0031
4Right Tank Strap Bolt2WD01121-N0041
5Left Tank Strap NutFits All Options01221-00351
5Right Tank Strap NutFits All Options01221-00351
6Tank Shield2WD17285-JM000
6Tank ShieldAWD17285-JG00A
7Tank Shield ClipFits All Options17574-8H300
8Filler PipeFits All Options17221-JM000
9Filler Pipe GrommetFits All Options17240-AN000
10Filler Pipe BoltFits All Options01125-N043U
11Filler HoseFits All Options17228-JM000
12Filler Hose ClampUpper16439-JA00B
13Filler Hose ClampLower16439-JA00A
14Pipe ShieldFits All Options17290-JM00A
15Pipe Shield BoltFits All Options01125-0028U
16Pipe Shield NutFits All Options01225-N6011
17Fuel CapFits All Options17251-JM00B
19Fuel Pump2WD17040-JM00D
19Fuel PumpAWD17040-JM10C
20Fuel Pump SealFits All Options17342-EM30A
21Fuel Pump Lock PlateFits All Options17343-JM00A
22Fuel Sender UnitAWD25060-JM10D
23Fuel Sender Unit SealFits All Options17342-EM30A
24Fuel Sender Unit Lock PlateFits All Options17343-JM00A