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2010 Rogue - Krom | Fuse & Relay (Engine Compartment)

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Fuse BoxEngine Compartment24381-C9900
2RelayEngine Compartment, Intelligent Key25230-79918
2RelayEngine Compartment, Horn25630-79960
2RelayEngine Compartment, Blower Motor25230-79917
2RelayEngine Compartment, Cooling Fan25230-79917
2RelayEngine Compartment, Heated Mirror25230-79917
2RelayEngine Compartment, Seat Heater25230-79917
3FuseEngine Compartment, 30 Amp24319-C9924
3FuseEngine Compartment, 10 Amp24319-C9910
3FuseEngine Compartment, 20 Amp24319-C9920
3FuseEngine Compartment, 15 Amp24319-C9915
4Fusible LinkEngine Compartment, 40 Amp24370-C9921
4Fusible LinkEngine Compartment, 50 Amp24370-C9924
4Fusible LinkEngine Compartment, 40+40+40 Amp24370-C9900
4Fusible LinkEngine Compartment, 60+30+30 Amp24370-C9904
5Upper CoverEngine Compartment24382-JM00A
6Lower HousingEngine Compartment284B9-JG01A
7Lower Housing CoverEngine Compartment, #1284B8-JG00B
8Lower Housing CoverEngine Compartment, #2284B9-JG00B
9Lower Housing CoverEngine Compartment, #3284B8-JG00A
10ControllerEngine Compartment, Intelligent Power Distribution, W/O Bracket284B7-ET03A
11ControllerEngine Compartment, Intelligent Power Distribution, W/Bracket284B6-JG03B
12Controller BracketEngine Compartment284B5-JG00A