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2010 Sentra - S | Dash Panel > Cluster & Switches

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1ClusterS, Sr, W/O Intelligent Key, W/Dynamic Cntrl24810-9AA1C
1ClusterS, Sr, W/Intelligent Key, W/Dynamic Cntrl24810-ZT70A
1ClusterS, Sr, W/O Intelligent Key, W/O Dynamic Cntrl24810-ZT72E
1ClusterS, Sr, W/Intelligent Key, W/O Dynamic Cntrl24810-ZT72D
2Cluster BoltFits All Options01451-00581
3Cluster NutFits All Options68191-51E0A
4Temp ControlFits All Options27510-ZT50A
5Temp Control BoltFits All Options01451-00581
7Hazard SwitchFits All Options25290-ET000
8Air Bag SwitchFits All Options25020-ET100
9SwitchDynamic Control25145-JA00A
10SwitchTrans Control25545-ZT50A