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2010 Sentra - Base | Fender > Structural Parts & Rails

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left Upper RailFits All Options64113-ET030
1Right Upper RailFits All Options64112-ET030
2Left Rail ReinforcementFits All Options64181-ET030
2Right Rail ReinforcementFits All OptionsF4180-ET8MA
3Left Front PanelFits All Options64839-ET000
3Right Front PanelFits All Options64838-ET000
4Left Strut Housing2.0 Liter64121-ET030
4Right Strut Housing2.0 Liter64120-ET030
5Right BracketEngine Mounting, Passenger SideG5116-ZJ6MA
6Left SidememberFits All OptionsG5111-ET8MA
6Right SidememberFits All Options75110-ET030
7Left ConnectorSidemember75187-ET030
7Right ConnectorSidemember75186-ET030
8Left ConnectorUpper RailF4191-ET8MA
8Right ConnectorUpper RailF4190-ZJ8EA
9Left Mount BracketSuspension, #175151-ET030
9Right Mount BracketSuspension, #175150-ET030
10Left Mount BracketSuspension, #275941-ET030
10Right Mount BracketSuspension, #275940-ET030
11Left Mount BracketBumper75189-ET030
11Right Mount BracketBumper75188-ET030
12Left Closing PlateFits All Options75131-ET030
12Right Closing PlateFits All Options75130-ET030