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2013 Frontier - SV (2.5L) | Cab > Floor

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Front Floor PanKing Cab, Auto Trans G4312-ZS2MA
1Front Floor PanKing Cab, Manual Trans G4312-ZS0MA
2Front ReinforcementKing Cab, Auto Trans G4364-EA2MA
2Front ReinforcementKing Cab, Manual Trans G4364-EA0MA
3Front CrossmemberKing Cab 74330-EA030
4Left Front Crossmember ExtensionKing Cab 74334-EA030
4Right Front Crossmember ExtensionKing Cab 74334-EA030
5Seat CrossmemberKing Cab 75430-EA830
6Left Center CrossmemberKing Cab G4321-ZS0MA
6Right Center CrossmemberKing Cab G4320-ZS0MA
7Left Inner SillKing Cab 76451-EA030
7Right Inner SillKing Cab 76450-EA030
8Left SidememberKing Cab 75111-EA030
8Right SidememberKing Cab 75110-EA030
9Left OutriggerKing Cab 75661-EA030
9Right OutriggerKing Cab 75660-EA030
10Shift BootKing Cab, Manual Trans 74960-EA000
11Shift Boot Hole CoverKing Cab 74966-EA000
12Shift Boot InsulatorKing Cab, 5 Speed 74967-EA000
12Shift Boot InsulatorKing Cab, 6 Speed 74967-EA200
13BracketKing Cab, Parking Brake 74521-EA800
14Rear CrossmemberKing Cab 745F0-EA830
15Rear Floor PanKing Cab 74512-EA830
16Right Rear Floor Pan BracketKing Cab, Storage Box 74586-EB030
17Left Rear Floor Pan BracketKing Cab, Storage Box 74587-EB030
19Floor ReinforcementKing Cab 74515-EA830
20Mount CrossmemberKing Cab, Cab G4540-9BAMA
21Left ExtensionKing Cab, Inner Sill 76471-EA830
21Right ExtensionKing Cab, Inner Sill 76470-EA830