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Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
4Right PadBlack 87604-KC33A
4Right PadRed 87604-KJ14B
7Right Seat Back PanelFits All Options 87640-JF05A
8Right OrnamentFront, Black 87606-KC10B
8Right OrnamentFront, Red 87606-38B0A
9Right OrnamentRear, Black 87606-KC10B
9Right OrnamentRear, Red 87606-38B0B
11Right EscutcheonFits All Options 87615-KC10A
12Right KnobWalk In 87618-KC10A
15Right CushionW/O Recaro Seats, Black 87300-KC33D
15Right CushionW/O Recaro Seats, Red 87300-KJ14B
15Right CushionW/Recaro Seats 87300-KC33H
16Right Seat AdjusterFits All Options 87400-JF10A
17Right Side CoverOuter, All 87330-KC32A
18Right Side CoverInner 87331-JF00A
19Right Outer CoverFits All Options 87339-KC32A
20Right Seat Heat SwitchFits All Options 87016-KC12A
21Right Recline SwitchFits All Options 87016-JF10A
22Right Recline Switch KnobFits All Options 87012-JF10A
23Right Recline CoverOuter, #1 87456-JL01A
24Right Recline CoverOuter, #2 87405-JL00A
25Right Recline CoverInner, #1 87406-JF01A
26Right Recline CoverInner, #2 87406-JF00A
27Right Seat TrimOuter, Front 87324-JF00A
28Right Seat TrimOuter, Rear 87324-JF10A
29Right Seat TrimInner, Front 87325-JF00A
30Right Seat TrimInner, Rear 87325-JF10A
32Right HarnessW/O Recaro Seats 87019-KC33A
32Right HarnessW/Recaro Seats 87019-KC32A
33Right Track End CoverFront, Inner 87505-JK010
33Right Track End CoverFront, Outer 87555-JK010
34Right Track End CoverRear 87558-JK000