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2013 Murano - SL | Roof > Interior Trim (W/O Sunroof)

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1HeadlinerW/O Sunroof, All, W/O Navigation 73910-1AA2B
2Left Assist StrapW/O Sunroof, Front 73940-1AC2A
2Right Assist StrapW/O Sunroof, Front 73940-1AC2A
3Left Assist StrapW/O Sunroof, Rear 73940-1AC1A
3Right Assist StrapW/O Sunroof, Rear 73940-1AC0A
4Left SunvisorW/O Sunroof 96401-1AA1B
4Right SunvisorW/O Sunroof 96400-1AA1B
5Left Sunvisor HolderW/O Sunroof 96409-1AA1A
5Right Sunvisor HolderW/O Sunroof 96409-1AA1A
6Left Sunvisor CoverW/O Sunroof 96420-JK00A
6Right Sunvisor CoverW/O Sunroof 96420-JK00A
7Left LensW/O Sunroof 26442-JK00A
7Right LensW/O Sunroof 26442-JK00A
8Left BulbW/O Sunroof 26447-CA000
8Right BulbW/O Sunroof 26447-CA000
9Map LampW/O Sunroof, Sv 26430-3YR1A
10Left Map Lamp LensW/O Sunroof 26431-JA00A
10Right Map Lamp LensW/O Sunroof 26432-JA00A
11Map Lamp BulbW/O Sunroof 26282-JK00A
12Backing PlateW/O Sunroof 26428-1VW0A
14Left Courtesy LampW/O Sunroof 26460-1AF0A
14Right Courtesy LampW/O Sunroof 26460-1AF0A
15Left BulbW/O Sunroof 26282-JA00A
15Right BulbW/O Sunroof 26282-JA00A
16CoverW/O Sunroof 26462-JK00A
17Left EscutcheonW/O Sunroof 264A0-JK00A
17Right EscutcheonW/O Sunroof 264A0-JK00A
18Left LensW/O Sunroof 26461-JK00A
18Right LensW/O Sunroof 26461-JK00A