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2013 Pathfinder - SV | Axle & Differential

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left Axle4WD39600-3JA0A
1Right Axle4WD39600-3JA0A
2Left Axle Nut4WD40262-2Y00A
2Right Axle Nut4WD40262-2Y00A
3Left Outer Boot4WDC9741-3JA1A
3Right Outer Boot4WDC9741-3JA1A
4Left Inner Boot4WDC9741-ED300
4Right Inner Boot4WDC9741-ED300
7Left Dust Seal4WD39752-JA11B
7Right Dust Seal4WD39752-JA11B
9Differential Drain Plug4WD32103-3JA0A
10Left Axle Seal4WD38342-3JA0A
10Right Axle Seal4WD38342-3JA0A
11Front Seal4WD38189-3JA0A
14Coupling Bracket4WD21666-3JA0A
15Companion Flange4WD38210-3KA1A
16Breather Tube4WD, Front38322-3JA1A
17Breather Tube4WD, Rear38322-3JA0A
18Drive Shaft4WD37000-3JA2B