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2013 Pathfinder - SV | Dash Panel > Cluster & Switches

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1ClusterFits All Options24810-9PA0D
2Left Display SwitchFits All Options24824-3KA0A
2Right Display SwitchFits All Options25273-3KA0A
3Stab Control SwitchFits All Options25145-3TA0A
4Air Bag SwitchFits All Options25020-3KA0A
5Hazard SwitchFits All Options25290-3KA0A
7Antitheft ModuleFits All Options28590-3JA0A
8SwitchRear Door Lock25261-3KA0A
9SwitchPower Liftgate25268-3KA0A
10SwitchTow Mode25129-3NA0A
11SwitchHeated Strng Wheel25193-3TA0A
12Switch120V Outlet25328-3KA0A
13Control SwitchW/Navigation28395-3KA6A
13Control SwitchW/O Navigation28395-3KA0A
14Display UnitW/Navigation28091-1JA3C
14Display UnitW/O Navigation, SV, SL28091-1LA0A
17Auto Lamp SensorFits All Options28576-5RA0A
18Sunlight SensorFits All Options27721-3AA0A
19AspiratorFits All Options27720-3AA0A
20TubeFits All Options27727-3KA0A