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2013 Pathfinder - S | Air Conditioner & Heater > Condenser, Compressor & Lines

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1CondenserFits All Options 92100-3JA0E
2Condenser BoltFits All Options 01121-N6151
3Condenser O-RingFits All Options 92471-HC050
4Pressure SensorFits All Options 92136-3JA0A
5Right Side SealFits All Options 92184-3KA0A
6Left Side SealFits All Options 92185-3KA0A
7AC Temp SensorFits All Options 27722-3VA0A
8CompressorFits All Options 92600-1JA1B
9Compressor BoltLong 11916-JA10D
10Compressor BoltShort 11916-ZN50A
11Compressor NutFits All Options 08918-3401A
12Compressor StudFits All Options 08249-02810
13Clutch & PulleyFits All Options 92660-JP00B
14Suction HoseFits All Options 92480-3JA0A
15Suction Hose O-RingFits All Options 92474-N823A
16Suction Hose ClipFits All Options 92473-N823A
17Suction Hose CapFits All Options 92499-89921
18Discharge HoseFits All Options 92490-3JA0A
19Discharge Hose O-RingFits All Options 92472-N823A
20Front AC LineFits All Options 92450-3JB0B
21Front AC Line O-RingFits All Options 92471-HC050
22Front AC Line ClipFits All Options 92473-N823A
23Rear AC LineFits All Options 92440-3JA0B
24Rear AC Line O-RingFits All Options 92471-HC050
25Rear AC Line CapFits All Options 92499-2DX0A