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Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Lift GateW/Rear Camera, W/O Power Gate, W/Rear Camera, W/O Power Gate90100-3KA1A
1Lift GateW/Rear Camera, W/Power Gate, W/Rear Camera, W/Power Gate90100-3KA2A
2Outer PanelW/Rear Camera, W/Rear Camera90150-3KA1A
3BumperFits All Options90878-9NC0A
4Bumper SpacerFits All Options60895-1M100
5WeatherstripFits All Options90832-3KA0A
6Left HingeFits All Options90401-3KA0A
6Right HingeFits All Options90400-3KA0A
7Left Upper BracketW/O Power Gate76649-3KA0A
7Left Upper BracketW/Power Gate76649-3KA1A
7Right Upper BracketW/O Power Gate76648-3KA0A
7Right Upper BracketW/Power Gate76648-3KA1A
8Left Lower BracketW/O Power Gate90477-3KA0A
8Left Lower BracketW/Power Gate90477-3KA1A
8Right Lower BracketW/O Power Gate90476-3KA0A
8Right Lower BracketW/Power Gate90476-3KA1A