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2013 Pathfinder - SV | Fender > Structural Parts & Rails

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left ApronFits All Options 64101-9NB0A
1Right ApronFits All Options 64100-3JA0A
2Left Strut TowerFits All Options F4141-3JAMA
2Right Strut TowerFits All Options F4140-3JAMA
3Left ReinforcementFits All Options 64113-9NB0A
3Right ReinforcementFits All Options 64112-3JA0A
4Left Side ShieldFits All Options 64839-3JA0A
4Right Side ShieldFits All Options 64838-3JA0A
5Left Upper RailFits All Options F4181-3KAMA
5Right Upper RailFits All Options F4180-3KAMA
6Left Outer RailFits All Options G5131-3JAMA
6Right Outer RailFits All Options G5130-3JAMA
7Left Front SupportFits All Options F2521-9NBMA
7Right Front SupportFits All Options F2520-3JAMA
8Left Inner RailFits All Options G5111-3JAMA
8Right Inner RailFits All Options G5110-3JAMA
9Left Rail EndFits All Options G51A7-3JAMA
9Right Rail EndFits All Options G51A6-3JAMA