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2013 Sentra - SR | Brake Parts (Disc Brakes)

Note: If the part is not listed below, that means it's either discontinued or not available to order.

Item # Description Options Click part # for price
1Left RotorDisc Brakes 43206-3SC0B
1Right RotorDisc Brakes 43206-3SC0B
2Left Rotor PlugDisc Brakes 41098-8J000
2Right Rotor PlugDisc Brakes 41098-8J000
3Left HubDisc Brakes 43202-4AF0A
3Right HubDisc Brakes 43202-4AF0A
4Left Wheel StudDisc Brakes 43222-41B0A
4Right Wheel StudDisc Brakes 43222-41B0A
5Left CaliperDisc Brakes 44011-1KD0A
5Right CaliperDisc Brakes 44001-1KD0A
6Brake PadsDisc Brakes D4M60-9N00B
8Left Backing PlateDisc Brakes 44030-EM10B
8Right Backing PlateDisc Brakes 44020-EM10B
9Park Brake ShoesDisc Brakes 44060-CY025
10Left Brake HoseDisc Brakes 46210-3SH5A
10Right Brake HoseDisc Brakes 46210-3SH5A
11Left ABS SensorDisc Brakes 47901-3DA0A
11Right ABS SensorDisc Brakes 47900-3DA0A